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Have you considered investing in real estate?

Has your research lead to you investing in Joplin, Missouri?

If so, you're on the right track! Whether starting your portfolio or growing it, Joplin is the perfect market for investors!

When choosing a market to start diving into the investment pool, you need to assess certain aspects like: quality of life, economy, local & what we like to call "worth the drive" attractions, job market, etc.

The great news? Joplin excels in all these areas!

In this article written by the experienced team at The Flanagan Group, Keller Williams Realty SWMO, we will give an in-depth overview of why Joplin, Missouri is the best place to purchase investment properties.

Photo of a Mural in Joplin Missouri depicting a historic vehicle and a billboard that reads "Welcome to Joplin Missouri. You're on Historic Route 66"

So, Why should you invest in Joplin, Missouri's Real Estate Market?

Reason #1 - Quality of Life

Joplin has so much to offer everyone. From amazing locally owned restaurants to the 22 city-owned parks, Joplin has a little bit of everything.
Don't just take our word for it. This excerpt from perfectly sums it up.

"A crossroads of culture lies tucked away in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri. Interstate 44, Interstate 49, and Historic Route 66 unite in this up and coming [town] here named Joplin, Missouri. JoMo maintains the lowest cost of living and highest bang-for-your buck local fare. Our Downtown blooms daily as artists, chefs, and entrepreneurs invent new ways of resurrecting century-old structures."

A graphic titled "Explore Joplin"
The best part about Joplin is that you benefit from the low cost of living while still getting to enjoy all the "big city" attractions. Just hop in the car and within 1-4 hours, in any direction, you will find a plethora of what we like to call, "worth the drive" attractions.

Here's a page from our Guide to the City showing all the attractions from Bentonville, AR to St. Louis, MO.

Graphic depicting things to do within a 1 to 4 hour drive from joplin missouri.

Reason #2 - Solid Economy

Joplin is named on Forbes List as One of the Best places for Business and Careers. The growing downtown scene makes it a hotspot for entrepreneurs and the amazing people at Downtown Joplin Alliance put together events like: Third Thursday, First Friday Wine Share, Empire Market, Small Business Saturday, and so much more!

Joplin Provides a stable economy that real estate investors can rely on.

Photo of people enjoying the monthly downtown Joplin Event "Third Thursday"
"Third Thursday" - Photo courtesy of

Reason #3 - High Demand for Rentals

The Real Estate market is HOT, and it's not cooling down for the foreseeable future. With a low home inventory, more and more people are renting vs. buying right now. Working from home is another factor contributing to the high demand for rentals.
Millennials are currently taking remote jobs and don't tend to stay in the same house for as long as previous generations. This new trend provides a need for both low budget and luxury rentals.
Combine that with the low cost of living Joplin provides, and you get a unique scenario where individuals are ok with renting for a few years before deciding to settle down.

Reason #4 - Population

Joplin is currently growing at a rate of 0.63% annually and reached it's highest population of 51,560 in 2021. As this number continues to grow, it means good news for investors: It creates a higher demand for rental properties.

Reason #5 - Missouri is Landlord Friendly

Fewer restrictions means less headaches for you! Missouri tends to have rental laws that are friendly towards property owners!

Straight from the Attorney Generals Office, here are some of the ways Missouri's rental laws benefit you.

  • Authorize county courts to order the quick removal of tenants involved in drug-related criminal activity or violence even when there is no arrest, and persons occupying the property without the landlord’s permission. Prior written notice is not required.
  • Allow a landlord to double the rent when a tenant lets another person take over the premises without the landlord’s permission.
  • A landlord can end a lease:
  •  When a tenant doesn’t pay rent.
  •  At the end of a written lease.
  •  When a tenant damages property.
  •  When a tenant violates a condition of a written lease.
  •  When a tenant is involved in criminal activity.
  • The landlord may keep all or part of a deposit to pay for actual damages (not for normal wear and tear), unpaid rent, or lost rent due to the tenant moving out without adequate notice.
  • The landlord may begin eviction proceedings if a tenant:
  •  Damages property.
  •  Fails to pay rent.
  •  Violates the terms of the lease.
  •  Injures the lessor or another tenant.
  •  Allows drug-related criminal activity on the premises.
  •  Fails to vacate at the end of the lease term.
  •  Gambles illegally on the property.
  •  Allows a person to reside on the property whom the landlord has previously excluded.
  • The landlord may charge up to 20% of the monthly rent as a late fee.

Reason #6 - Great Schools

Joplin school districts offer both public and private options, there is something for everyone! See the graphics from our from our Joplin City Guide below.

The best time to start investing is TODAY!

When you're thinking about real estate investing, Choose Joplin! A solid economy, great public & private schools, friendly laws that help landlords and their investments, amazing quality of life, and a population that keeps growing. This town has a lot of big things coming! Investing now in single family homes can put you in the best position for years to come!

Whether you are new or a seasoned investor, hiring the right team to manage your assets is crucial. Avoid making the same mistakes many investors have faced and instead choose to learn from them. Our Team has over 30 years experience in Real Estate and would love the opportunity to talk about your goals. From there we can walk you through our process and decide if investing in Joplin Mo is right for you!

Contact us today!
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