December 07, 2021 at 9:03am | Katie Boydston


With the first day of Winter only two weeks away, (Dec 21st), we start planning our retreat indoors and gear up for a home filled with family and friends!

A Holiday Ready Home is one that gives you and your guests those cozy, nostalgic feelings just like when you were a kid on Christmas morning. Use this guide to get your home ready for the holidays.

Festive Candles and Greenery Decorations

1. Set the Atmosphere

When hosting for the holidays it's important that your home feels warm and inviting. Candles & votives throughout the home, fresh greens & garlands, and the right background music will set the tone for the entire party. Also consider a new wreath & door mat for your front porch to make a great first impression.

Holiday Guest Room

2. Consider your Guests

Make your guest feel extra special this year by sprucing up your guest room. New linens & towels (we highly recommend flannel for the winter!), add a sense of seasonality to their space with a fresh floral arrangement on their nightstand or small Christmas tree in their room, and finally, create a relaxing environment by decluttering and simplifying their space.

Holiday Dinner

3. Plan Ahead

When hosting a holiday gathering don’t wait until the last minute to decide on what you’ll be serving, this adds unnecessary stress on party day. Create a menu at least a week in advance and keep it simple. Don’t feel like you have to do it all yourself, look to some of our local restaurants to provide appetizers or even cater the entire event.

Steam Cleaning Floors

4. Tidy Up

A clean home is a happy home. Before the holidays, it’s important to sanitize your flooring through a professional steam cleaning company to ensure that little ones stay healthy as they spend time playing and opening gifts. Also, cleaning windows, fresh paint, and decluttering are other things to consider when getting your home holiday ready.


Winter is coming! Get your home holiday ready and wow your guests. Take time to set a warm and inviting atmosphere that reminds your guests of a simpler time when the holidays were less stressful. Go the extra mile and make that guest welcoming with holiday decorations and fresh linens.

Don't wait till the last minute, plan ahead to reduce any unnecessary stress on the big day is a good idea! This is also a great time to tidy up. Deep clean and sanitize floors, clean windows, declutter the living room and add some fresh paint to the walls.

We hope your holiday season ends with a home filled with friends and family and abundance of memories.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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